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Attorney at Law


Brock attended Southern Illinois University majoring in Economics and Political Science with honors. Brock attended Loyola University Law School graduating cum laude in 2001 and was admitted to the Illinois Bar and Federal Bar the same year.

Brock served as Legal Counsel to Illinois Senate President Pate Philip and also Illinois Senate Minority Leader Frank Watson. Since, 2005 Brock has had a private practice focusing on family law, estates, civil law and criminal law.

Brock has served in numerous governmental and civic organizations throughout his career, including as Bond County Board Chairman, Bond-Madison Workforce Alliance, Southern Illinois Growth Alliance, Southwestern Illinois Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission, and numerous local civic organizations. 

Brock's history of private practice, governmental service and civic involvement well serves his client's diverse legal needs. The Brock Willeford Law Office serves Bond, Madison, St. Clair, Fayette, Montgomery, Clinton and surrounding counties and statewide as needed. 


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